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Ekkode is a Web and mobile Agency offering a wide range of digital services such as creation of custom wep platforms, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), mobile applications, online shops (eCommerce), web design of any graphic support.

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Custom web software

Simple and responsive, you save time and money with custom software.

Customized software is an ideal solution for companies wishing to have a simplified interface. Features in your software show the real needs of your organization and your employees. In addition, it's easy for us to maintain, update, and modify any other custom-made software to ensure that it always meets your needs.


eCommerce is a must for the success of retailers. Setting up an eCommerce website requires several dimensions catalog management, customer accounts and inventory.

From your eCommerce website your customers will be able to consult the catalog of your products on-line, constitute a basket, make a secure payment and choose a mode of delivery.

Graphic design

We choose the graphic elements to promote the success of your business.

The choice of colors, images and fonts must be carefully selected and developed to promote the products and services of your website. The design seeks to create a unique identity for your website, while following the fashion trends of the Web.

The logo of a company is a primary component of its image and its marketing.

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